Gold prices

Date 06-02-2023
24 Karat Today's rate 9AM: €56.00/gr Price of bid or let depends on total weight. Rates can change during the day.
22 Karat (The most coins) €46.20/gr
18 Karat €37.24/gr
14 Karat €27.16/gr

Robert The Expert - cash for gold Antwerp

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Robert the Expert will value your diamonds and jewellery free of charge and will inform you of how to put it up for sale.

Sometimes, the valuations will bring good cheer. However, you may also learn that your favorite pearl necklace has lost its value because it has lost its luster. Or, you may also find that your cherished gold watch from an off-brand has no value other than its scrap weight; Young people today are not interested in small dials and there is no second-hand market for it. However, the rise in the price of gold may give the jewelry owner a good return on investment.

Although these facts may seem disappointing, I believe that my clients prefer to know what is realistic. In any case, you will leave our meeting with either money in your pocket or the knowledge of the value of items you would still like to keep.

Another way to use Robert the Expert is to make estate planning fair. Many families have come to me to seek advice so that no child should benefit more than another.

Robert the Expert will also offer third-party advice on the purchase of diamonds and jewellery. If you are considering a purchase and would like to be sure that you are paying a fair price, contact Robert the Expert.

Tip: Have your insurance broker place your jewellery under your home contents coverage.

If you also have jewellery for sale, Call Robert the Expert on +32 (0)3.2269393 for an appointment to value your items. (M-F 10:00-15:00)